Snare drum lessons in the summer of ’79 prepared me to integrate with my Junior and High School Orchestras through to graduation in ’85.

I started playing with local bands at age 15 until I moved to Southern Maine in ’86. Within a year, I started work with a popular lounge act and toured the New England states for over two years.

After enjoying the lounge music of the 80's, I began working
with local cover bands in the 90's and was also being approached by local artists to work on original material. I found this challenging, but loved it. It was the challenge that made me more aware of what is involved in creating original music, rather than playing cover music where the parts were already written.

Since then I’ve worked with Artists such as Tom Acousti, Mitch Alden, Eggbot, Shawn Saindon and George Skala, and am fortunate to have recorded with and co-founded  such original bands as Felix and Zoe’s Choice in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

After 38 years, I still enjoy working on original music, and participating in live performance gigs. I consider myself fortunate to have the ability to continue doing this.

I'm always interested in meeting other experienced musicians looking to create new music.

About Me


I reside in Southern Maine with my wife and daughter, enjoying the four seasons and what comes with those changes. It keeps us busy.

We love to travel and go out to our favorite restaurants along with attending local cultural events.

Playing music and performing doesn't always pay the bills, so to supplement my music career, I work in the Health Care/I.T. field.


I love live performance!

Drums, Percussion, Live performance, session recording and song arrangement.

I'd like to share with you my most recent work.

Louis Dugal


I'm playing with my good friend

 Mitch Alden  and his band, Now Is Now.

Check out the "Live Dates"page to seewhere and when we'll be playing next.